Hunger Games is a learning environment designed to support upper elementary learners’ construction of understandings of animal foraging behaviors. It is an educational research project lead by Tom Moher’s research group at the University or Illinois Chicago (UIC). In Hunger Games, learners enact animal foraging within the context of a sequence of increasingly complex simulated scenarios involving varying conditions of […]

Common Knowledge

Common Knowledge (CK) is a pedagogical and technological innovation designed to guide knowledge community-driven science inquiry; and support collaboration across individual, small group, and whole-community social levels (Stahl, 2013) of a classroom.  The technological aspect of CK is a multi-modal (e.g., tablets, laptops, interactive whiteboards) web-based discourse tool that visually represents a knowledge community’s ideas, to facilitate classroom inquiry discussions.  […]

Climate Change

Climate change is a SSHRC funded-project that examined students learning and teacher’s role in the Knowledge and Community Inquiry (KCI) model – a blended model of scaffolded inquiry within a knowledge community approach. Based on the KCI design principle, we, in collaboration with a teacher, co-designed a grade 9 sciences curriculum unit on the topic of global climate change. In […]


Community Healthworker Assistive Technologies (CHAT) Community health workers (CHW) play a critical role in improving access to and continuity of care and treatment in countries worldwide, particularly in low- and middle-income countries where there is a shortage of skilled health service personnel. CHW have long played diverse functions in health care delivery at the household and community level. Worldwide, CHW […]