Zack Teitel


Zack Teitel is an M.Ed student at OISE/UT who is using his time as a graduate student to explore the burgeoning field of educational technology (#EdTech), as both a researcher and a practitioner.  Specifically, since coming to OISE, he’s been doing the following:

  • Learning about emerging EdTech innovations that could revolutionize learning for the next generation of students
  • Studying how technologies currently owned by students can be leveraged for collaborative learning
  • Designing and building a mobile application (Baton) that offers students and teachers a more “media-rich” participation tool than hand-raising
  • Investigating how the language of ‘code’ is having a fundamental impact on societal power dynamics

(and, of course)

  • Chilling with the EncoreLab

As a result of the last item above, Zack is currently debating switching from an M.Ed to an M.A., to facilitate PhD studies down the road.

When Zack isn’t at OISE, he’s usually teaching supply with the York Region District School Board, an organization that he has taught within for the past two years as both an occasional teacher and a long-term occasional teacher.  Or he’s reading, eating, or laughing.