SCORE Internship

About ENCORE Lab

The ENCORE Lab was established in 2006 at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto as a research group interested in collaborative and collective forms of inquiry learning where teachers and students engage as a knowledge community. We investigate a pedagogical model called Knowledge Community and Inquiry (KCI), whereby students and teachers work collectively to advance their understandings of complex science topics. Our designs emphasize the role of technology for scaffolding knowledge construction and inquiry processes, integrating a variety of tools and platforms, as well as data mining, and the use of intelligent agents to support the orchestration of our complex inquiry designs. Current research includes the use of tangible and embodied interactions, user-contributed materials, and immersive environments to support inquiry learning.

Internship Description

As a Junior Developer and/or Research Assistant, you will contribute to the research and/or development of SCORE (the SCripting and ORchestration Environment), a feature-rich, open-source educational platform for K-12 and higher education. Working alongside experienced developers, you will refine interface mockups, explore and discuss features for development, support ongoing research studies, and develop new features (such as our real-time, collaborative brainstorm board called the “Common Knowledge Board”). For the time being, this is a virtual internship, so that all meetings and work will take place online until our OISE building reopens. Although there is an hourly commitment of work each week, this amount is flexible and can be discussed during the interview. Successful candidates will be paid a wage of $25/h.

Must Have

  • Good social/communication skills
  • Good self-organization and learning
  • Ability to work independently or in small groups
  • Ability to learn new knowledge and skills as needed

Good to Have

  • Strong programming skills
  • Prior experience working on group software projects
  • Good understanding of web technologies (e.g., Git, Angular/React, Java, JavaScript/CSS, etc.)

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Experience working in an agile research & development team
  • Guidance and mentorship from senior developers
  • Flexible work hours
  • May work from home

Application Submission

Please submit a copy of your Resume (and optionally a Cover Letter) addressed to Dr. Jim Slotta at