Fall of Artica (FoA)

This research project examines design principles and Game-Based learning processes within the context of a Knowledge Community and Inquiry (KCI) model, for three topic areas of high school English, Environmental Science, and Visual Arts. The goal was to better understand G4C in relation to critical pedagogy and collective inquiry. For each topic, a teacher co-designer was engaged in exploring the concept of Games for Change (G4C) by designing game elements and play for their classroom. The products of these design partnerships provide a basis for analysis along three central dimensions: critical pedagogy; disciplinary learning; and specific gameplay elements. This work advances the design and understanding of a new game for change titled Fall of Artica (FoA, foagame.org), which can provide a foundation for further research into how such curriculum can empower students within a culturally responsive and inclusive inquiry context.

Keywords: games for change, dystopian literature, collective inquiry, storytelling, Game-Based learning, design-based research, tangible, and embodied interactions