Steve EhrlickI am a PhD student and Assistant Professor in the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University in Toronto where I also serve as Program Director, Sport Media. I have over 20 years experience practicing law within the music industry. The first ten years of my career were spent in private practice as a sole practitioner, concentrating my practice primarily in the music and film industries.  At Ryerson I teach undergraduate and graduate business, law, writing, and media studies courses.  I authored the Senate proposal for RTA’s new Sport Media program and am head of RTA’s business stream. In addition to an Honours equivalent B.A. in Psychology and a Juris Doctor degree from Windsor Law School, I have a Master of Arts degree in Media Production from Ryerson University.

My PhD thesis topic concerns the fostering of communities of learners in post-secondary mass lectures. My research involves bringing a well-regarded pedagogical model called Fostering Communities of Learners (FCL) to the university lecture hall, focusing on a second year business RTA course The aim of this new design is to allow a plurality of opinions, backgrounds and experiences to be brought to bear on fundamental concepts, principles and legal aspects of business as it relates to the media industry. The FCL design will allow me to scaffold the growth of students’ critical thinking and collaboration skills through the development of group and class knowledge community, and then apply the resources of this knowledge community through the creation of a final large group project.