Michelle LuiI’m a post-doctoral designer and researcher who earned a PhD from the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE) and Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI). My PhD dissertation, Designing EvoRoom: An immersive simulation environment for collective inquiry in secondary science, was supervised by Professor Jim Slotta. As part of this work, I co-designed an immersive environment and interactive visualizations for collaborative learning in a secondary science context. The research examines the design affordances for physical spaces, networked collaborations and visualizations for collective inquiry.

Coming from an arts and science background, I completed my undergraduate studies in Pharmacology, and earned a Master of Science in Biomedical Communications, both from the University of Toronto. I then spent some time in industry, working at an interactive and animation agency (first as a Medical Illustrator, eventually leaving as a Junior Medical Art Director for the Interactive Media department). I created medical illustrations and animations, including their storyboards, researched background information and wrote scripts. I designed instructional interactive media products, and managed a team of designers and developers — all of which prepared me for my PhD studies and post-doctoral endeavours in creating innovative learning technologies and researching new and meaningful ways of enhancing learning and communication through these technologies.