Einat Gil

Einat GilI’m a postdoctoral fellow at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto, focusing on statistics education and the design of computer supported collaborative learning environments. I am formerly a graduate of Mathematics Education (Ph.D.) and Technologies in Education (M.A.) – both from the University of Haifa. Additionally I am a designer of learning environments for technologies in education and statistics education in different settings such as primary and secondary schools, teachers’ professional development courses at University Continued Education, and R&D center of ORT, Sci-Tech Schools network, located in Tel Aviv and internationally.

My research focuses is on the design of learning environment and the orchestration and trajectory of the learning along a project and in the class. Additionally my interests are in statistics education – introducing complex concepts (such as inference and big data) in an informal way and how visualization can support knowledge building and learning processes in the class.

One recent study, in collaboration with Jim Slotta and the Encore group, was carried out on 12th grade math class and aimed at learning about big data and covariational reasoning in an interdisciplinary computer supported collaborative curriculum. Further interests are in the design and development of learning environment that uses smart classroom technology and interactive media/flow of data – to enhance both personal & group learning processes and support a learning community.

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