Colin McCann

Colin McCannI’m a designer and developer at the Encore Lab, working with the researchers to create tablet and smart classroom technologies for education with our partner schools and other collaborators. More recently, I have been focusing on mobile technologies for health care contexts in rural African communities (CHAT).

I completed my Master’s degree at the Faculty of Information at The University of Toronto, where I was focused on the intersection between technology and social behaviours. I also enjoy working in the physical realm, which I explored in the Critical Making lab and beyond.

In my spare time, I also work on several projects related to Canadian surveillance and privacy issues and practices, including the IXmaps project, which explores internet traffic patterns and American surveillance, and SurveillanceWatch, which aims to better inform Canadians about video surveillance and their rights in relation to it.

I’m currently working with several universities doing design and development of mobile focused web apps, for use in education and health care contexts. I love that the work is research focused, I love the quick turn around and between idea and product, and I love working with people that enjoy thinking hard about these kinds of things. My other current research interests involve concepts surrounding HCI, UX and data visualization – but I’m also really into classification (of music, currently), language and linguistics and social psychology.