alisa.acostaFormerly an environmental scientist, I began my career as a high school educator in 2009, with teachables in science (biology), geography, and mathematics.   My teaching experiences sparked a number of questions about my practice and the education system in general, which led me to my Masters degree at OISE and my research with the Encore Lab.  For my MA thesis I explored the role of epistemic cognition – students’ ways of knowing and their beliefs about the nature of knowledge and science – within the context of a Knowledge Community and Inquiry (KCI) curriculum for secondary biology.

After completing my Masters, I remain active with the Encore Lab as my interest the field of computer-supported collaborative learning remains high.  I have also been involved in research projects with the Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology (IKIT) over the past few years.  My current research interests surround assessment and evaluation within knowledge community contexts; in particular, understanding the dynamic between “we know” (as a collective) vs. “I understand” (as an individual).  My tentative PhD research would explore ways that learning analytics can be leveraged within KCI classrooms in a form that is both useful and accessible to students, teachers, and families.

In addition to my roles as a researcher and an occasional teacher, I am also the Digital Media Manager for The Tapscott Group,  where I engage in graphics work, video editing, and the preparation of Don Tapscott’s presentation decks.

Other interests include mashup-making, art, climbing, and going on adventures.