Student: Nadia

School: Stouffville District

INSPIRATION: What ideas, projects or movements have you seen that make you hopeful about the future of our cities?

VISION: In what ways should we design our cities differently in order to have a sustainable future?

We should have more wind mills, invest in renewable energy, cut back on paper, shift towards technological resources. Carbon taxes should be higher. We should switch from fossil fuels to another form that will not harm our earth or future much.

ACTION: What can your generation do now to bring us closer to this future?

Our generation can help by:

  • Encouraging our schools to not use paper much, and do our assignments, tasks etc online or through emails or the classroom’s form of communication. (For ex. Google classroom)
  • We should ban plastic water bottles and conserve water
  • We can do campaigns and protests against the climate change more often to show that we want a change etc.
  • We can conserve electricity, or use LED lights to save the energy
  • We can avoid getting driven to school or use buses often and switch to walking or biking