Student: Lavy

School: Stouffville District

INSPIRATION: What ideas, projects or movements have you seen that make you hopeful about the future of our cities?

VISION: In what ways should we design our cities differently in order to have a sustainable future?

We should design our city in a way that encourages a decrease in the use of environmentally harmful things. This can include implementing more green energy sources such as wind turbines to ultimately decrease and discourage the use of fossil fuels which is extremely harmful to the environment.

ACTION: What can your generation do now to bring us closer to this future?

We can demand more education on these specific problems such as an environmental awareness course. We can create attention to this problem by organizing walk-outs. We can start in our school, by doing things like banning non-reusable water bottles. We can spread information through social media. We can encourage people to be more green through spirit days and etc at our school, and give prizes to encourage it.