Student: Nila

School: Stouffville District

INSPIRATION: What ideas, projects or movements have you seen that make you hopeful about the future of our cities?

VISION: In what ways should we design our cities differently in order to have a sustainable future?

We should design our cities to stop relying on fossil fuels and instead make them rely on renewable sources. For example we could use solar energy to power cities. Another action we should take is to get rid of discrimination in our cities. We should inform others about the harms of discrimination through a course in elementary schools.

ACTION: What can your generation do now to bring us closer to this future?

  • Switch our energy sources into renewable resources
  • Have 0 tolerance to racist, misogynistic, or homophobic acts or remarks (adding fines, or jail time for discrimination)
  • reduce plastic use in products
  • provide equal opportunities for people from many different backgrounds