Student: Anujan

School: Stouffville District

INSPIRATION: What ideas, projects or movements have you seen that make you hopeful about the future of our cities?

VISION: In what ways should we design our cities differently in order to have a sustainable future?

Some things that we can do is going plastic free in our cities. This would help with climate change and reduce pollution if other cities do it as well. They should also consider small-scale infrastructure such as cycle lanes and bike sharing. They can also create systems that recover carbon dioxide and use it for other applications, or create systems that can cool or heat multiple buildings at once.

ACTION: What can your generation do now to bring us closer to this future?

  1. Being more active in social media by informing about big issues in society.
  2. We can stop using plastics and change your lifestyle because climate change is a growing problem.
  3. Be more active in the community to inform and make changes within the community.
  4. We can talk to higher authorities to and inform them about our ideas and how it allows us to have a more sustainable future.
  5. Innovating the city to make it more eco friendly.