Student: Ivy

School: Dr. Norman Bethune

INSPIRATION: What ideas, projects or movements have you seen that make you hopeful about the future of our cities?

VISION: In what ways should we design our cities differently in order to have a sustainable future?

I would like to create a greener city to help promote fixing climate change. Having eco-friendly energy sources would be a great, since it’s quite efficient as well. Slowly implementing the idea of solar/hydro power into our city, starting with businesses as well as new homes that are being built can be an easy start.

ACTION: What can your generation do now to bring us closer to this future?

  1. Since many of us are on social media, promoting being eco-friendly using that, is a simple yet effective way to get people informed and engaged.
  2. We can fundraise for charities and non-profit organizations.
  3. Be informed about global and national issues. Although we won’t be making a change, knowing about the world around you is important and can give inspiration as to what you can do to make aa difference.
  4. Walk or bike to school. It is one of the simplest things we can do and yet it can make a huge difference if enough people do it. Promote this idea at school and social media.
  5. Buy products from ethical and sustainable clothing brands, since, as teenagers, we do our own shopping. Have students donate clothing at school and we will donate them to a charity.